On relationships. And cheating.

Remember the first time you fell in love? Exhilarating and monumental, right? The best relationships make you feel smart, sexy and content. They’re incredibly fun and extremely exciting.

Until they’re not.

And then you get fat.

It’s inevitable, you’re feeling single, sexy and free one second and the next thing you know you’ve packed on 10lbs (let’s be real, more like 15). You’re comfortable, you’ve got a good thing going and suddenly five days a week at the gym becomes three.

One day you look in the mirror and see what that relationship did to you. You used to be a 7. Now you’re a 4.

At best.

You blame your lover.

You decide this relationship is harming you.

You start f—ing something new and suddenly you’re like a new person.

The old you.

You’re skinny. Happy. Life is great.

And then you run into your ex at Trader Joe’s. (Presumably you’re not a terrible person and you broke up with them when you started hitting the side piece.)

They look good again.

You remember the way they made you feel.

You feel safe. At home.

I won’t even kick you out in the morning.

Hello Lover.

We’re back.

And I’m never letting you go.

xoxo The Fat Kid

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