On Passing Out. And General Hospital.

Obviously no one cares about me, otherwise they would have bought this for me before Robin died in a lab explosion.

Remember that episode of General Hospital when Robin Scorpio passed out at the gym from working out too hard? No. Before she had HIV. I don’t know what year. Ricky Martin wasn’t livin la vida loca; he was still living in Port Charles. And Robin was on a StairMaster. So it must have been the early 90’s.


I remember that scene for several reasons. One, we discovered Robin had anorexia. That only seems fair. How would you cope if your parents were undercover spies who were constantly disappearing and reappearing?

Two, the set design was severely lacking and it looked like the gym at GH was in the janitor’s closet.

Three, I remember thinking: why would anyone work out that hard?

Cut to 10 years 20 years later and I almost passed out at work the other day. I know what you’re thinking; there’s no way you have anorexia, all you do is eat. This is true.

I did work 8 hours on my feet and then go the gym for 2. I slept for 7 hours and got up and worked out again. And then I went to work for another 8 hours. By Saturday evening I was achy, delirious and I almost passed out.

“This is it,” I thought.

“You’re finally having your Robin Scorpio moment.”

I didn’t pass out, but I did sleep for 14 hours, Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

Theories abounded. The heat. The humidity. Dehydration. Working out too hard (!!).

I liked all of these. Naturally, someone had to ruin my General Hospital party.

“Sounds like a case of food poisoning.”

Oh, of course it’s because of something I ate.

It wasn’t food poisoning, bitch.

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