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Hey (Trader) Joe

Dear Joe, We have a love/hate relationship. You make some pretty nifty shit food. Your frozen Organic Brown Rice is a real treat when I need a complex carb on the quick. Your NonFat Vanilla Yogurt is da bomb, albeit … Continue reading

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A Fat Kid walks into CVS…

During a crisis of conscience this morning I grabbed a package of Pop Tarts and walked back and forth to the counter several times until it occurred to me that I looked less like a guy battling the fat kid … Continue reading

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Fat Kid Tip of the Day

When selecting a treadmill to use always choose the one between the two chunkiest people. This will make you feel skinnier and at the very least make it look like you’re running faster. You can also use this tip in … Continue reading

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Thoughts From the Gym, Vol 1

I went to the gym today. The great thing about being an actor is that you can convince yourself of anything. Today I convinced myself that I was an athlete training for the Olympics and I wound up working out … Continue reading

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